We are a Vermont-based, large-format digital printer in our fourth decade of providing high end print services to commercial clients, organizations, and individuals.

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Large Format Digital Print Provider

We are masters in up-to-the-minute technology but also instill craft and reverence for the photographic image; be it fine art or marketing graphics.
Light-Works is more than a printer – we collaborate with you and offer a wide range of services, so we can provide effective, value driven solutions.


Our Focus

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At Light-Works, we understand the critical balance between quality and value. We develop close working relationships with our customers to completely understand your needs and provide creative and innovative solutions. We’re also fervent believers in supporting our community and protecting the environment.



Until I discovered Light-Works more than a decade ago, I never thought I would find a lab that would meet my standards and expectations. It amazes me how well they consistently produce prints to my creative vision, rendering crisp details, accurate color and sharp resolution. No matter what I throw at them, I know they will get everything they can out of my image, from a 4x5 inch transparency to digital capture and anything in between. Their customer service is excellent, and it is truly a team effort to ensure that my fine art prints will always be the best they can be.

- Paul Rezendes– Royalston, Massachusetts January 6, 2016

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