Our New Light-Works Copywork Studio

We’ve set up a new, dedicated Copywork Studio with state-of-the-art photographic and lighting technology to provide high quality digital image files for artists and photographers. By creating a dedicated space, we save time and effort on setup and system calibration, and can provide a high quality, cost-effective service for our customers.

Who Should Use This Service?

Artists and photographers looking to archive their flat artwork, or create high quality reproductions of existing work.  The end result of our efforts are capturing high quality, cost-effective images suitable for use in cataloging artwork, or for use in making the highest copy reproductions using our fine art printing process or your own printer.

Our Dedicated
Copywork Room

Our studio deploys Sigma Art Macro optics, sending the acquired image to a Foveon sensor with 51MP equivalent resolution. This provides superior detail and sharpness. Our dedicated set-up allows us to structure lighting that is precise and consistent, using dual LED floods with softboxes set to 5600k. This process produces images with superior detail and continuous tone. Moveover, we’ve extended our service by carefully calibrating with our fine art “giclée” inkjet printer to provide excellent color reproduction

What Is the Process?

  • Bring us your artwork any time we’re open.
  • We’ll schedule carefully set up and scan your flat artwork
  • We’ll process your files at one of our MacPro workstations, inspecting and calibrating them in Photoshop.
  • We’ll inform you when they’re ready to pick up, either in person, or via an email link to our secure server.

What Are the Timing and Costs?

  • Production time for our Copywork Studio is 3-5 working days.
  • The flat rate is $65 per piece and $90 per piece including a printed proof.

A Final Word About Us

We at Light-Works know all about photography, as we’ve remained northern New England’s leading commercial photographic lab since our founding in 1978.  Our legacy of craft and reverence for the photographic image continues in this, our new Copywork Studio.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Have a project that you’d like our help preserving or replicating? We’re here to answer any questions you may have.


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