Our Focus & Sustainability

Our Focus and Sustainability

Our Focus

We are a Vermont-based, large-format digital print provider in our fourth decade of providing professional print services to commercial clients, organizations, and individuals.

Light-Works has evolved from a craft-based, custom photo lab to a large-format digital imaging print provider. We are masters in up-to-the-minute technology but also instill craft and reverence for the photographic image; be it fine art or marketing graphics.

Our clients are large and small companies across the country. We work together with marketing & communication departments; print buyers; ad agencies; decorators, designers and architects; professional and serious photographers; and high-end retailers. Mostly all of these clients share a requirement for quality over the lowest price; precision over speed; experience and care over automation, and the personal attention you require.

At Light-Works, we understand the critical balance between quality and value. We develop close working relationships with our customers to completely understand your needs and provide creative and innovative solutions. We also believe in the long term relationship between businesses and their communities and in practicing sustainability.


Light-Works is committed to comprehensive business practices that protect our environment, strongly believing that by working together we can reduce our ecological footprint.
Our community in Vermont lives and breathes sustainability.

  • We research and source substrates and media with honest and viable green attributes.
  • We print these products using the most environmentally-sound equipment and processes available.
  • We practice green with our own sustainable energy and waste reduction policies.
  • We’ve been dedicated to corporate social responsibility for years — it‘s been our lifestyle.

Light-Works is a founding member of Vermont Business Environmental Partnership and has been recognized by the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association, receiving the 2015 Sustainability Recognition Award.