Backlit Display Transparencies

Department store Duratrans graphics for Roberto Coin

Display transparencies for lightboxes, also called backlit displays, must be produced using the right materials and equipment in order to provide the impact required to effectively market your brand.

Since 2003, Light-Works has earned preferred vendor status with ClearChannel to produce backlit displays throughout North America.  We have mastered the display backlit for retail and commercial environments using our decades of experience as a professional photo lab printing photographic Duratrans.

Visual Quality

Your artwork files are carefully adjusted for color quality by our skilled printing technicians.  While we use the best color science, our technicians still rely on their eye to make the critical adjustments necessary for the best possible imaging quality. Our transparencies are printed on a 9mil gloss polyester using the HP Latex print process, offering a stable base with rich, brilliant imaging and the optimal saturation level to look its best in front of a lightbox.  This process is extremely fade and heat resistant.  Adjustments to the imaging characteristics are carefully made using custom profiles with calibrated viewing equipment to ensure the highest level of quality and consistency.  All our expertise shows when your display stands out.

Brand-Image Support & Communication

Our years of experience with ClearChannel means we understand the specifications and requirements.  We know the ropes and how to get your work done on time and look its best to support your marketing investment.

Altiers Jewelers window graphics on day/night film
Altiers Jewelers window graphics on day/night film

Project Spotlight:

As the go-to print producer for one of Europe’s top jewelry manufacturers, fulfilling customized backlits for their marketing campaigns in North America, our printing and our service must be on par for their visual marketing to shine. They make some of the finest jewelry in the world, and the products they display must represent this high level.  Every one of their dealers and stores have different sizes and visual display needs and all must be accurate and consistent; their brand deserves only the best.  Light-Works continues to meet this challenge.

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